About Us

About us


VTech is a team of energy professionals. We are glad to introduce ourselves as business start-up focusing on & solar segment.
We are experienced in power electronics domain with over 10 years of experience in domestic inverters and power convertors under brand name Powerika. Green energy coupled with smart cities concept offers us to venture into solar segment.
We believe, renewable sources of energy is the answer to all crisis our earth is facing at present. We know the earth is beautiful and to keep her that way, we work on green Solutions.
As India isa tropical country, we have abundant Solar Energy available. But many of us are not aware of this smart way of energy generation due to lack of wise consultation.
We at Vtech , with the help of our professional team offer the customersnest models to suit their requirement.
As per NITI Ayog, India’s Target of renewable power till 2022 is 1,75,000 MW, of which 99,533 MW is through solar generation. Solar Target for Maharashtra is 11926 MW
Our mission is to contribute in achieving India’s renewable power target through innovative and cost effective Solar Energy Solutions.