Dr. Vandana Yadav

Our school is located in the interior of MP. Village has a population of 2000 people, no of the student in our school is more than 600. Due to frequent power cuts and unavailability of pumping system out school was facing acute water shortage of water for drinking and toilets. This used to result in heavy absenteeism in the school. VTech electron installed Solar Pumping station in our school, which made water available not only for drinking and toilets but also to water the grass and plants in our campus. During last 1 year picture of school is completely changed – now we don’t have major absenteeism problem and our campus is green with grass. We have planted more than 100 trees in the last 1 year. We are more than happy with Solar Pumping Station installed by V Tech. Site: Govt High School, Chikhlod Khurd, Madhya Pradesh Under CSR Project of CGPSIL, Mandideep. Project description– Solar Pumping Station for Drinking Water system Rating: 5HP / 3 Phase, Off-grid, Solar umping Station Scope – PV Panels, Structure, Pumping Controllers, Installation.