VFD/Solar drive

VFD/Solar drive

FR500 Vector Control Inverter

FR500A series is a high performance, high quality, high power density, new generation inverter of FRECON , which is mainly for OEM customers of the mid -high market and for application such as fan and pump, flexible design embedded SVC and VF control, widely used in the applications with higher requirements, such as the speed control accuracy and torque response speed low frequency output characteristics.
Model No. Rated Power (KW) Rated input Current A Rated output current A DimensionW*H*D(mm)
Heavy Load Light Load
3-Phase : 380V, 50/60HZ Range:15% ~+30%
FR500A-4T-0.7G/1.5PB 0.75/1.5 3.40 2.5 4.2 80*200*150
FR500A-4T-1.5G/2.2PB 1.5/2.2 5.00 4.2 5.5
FR500A-4T-2.2G/4.0PB 2.2/4.0 5.80 5.5 9.5
FR500A-4T-4.0G/5.5PB 4.0/5.5 11.00 9.5 130 117*187*175
FR500A-4T-5.5G/7.5PB 5.0/7.5 14.60 13.0 17.5
FR500A-4T-7.5G/011PB 7.5/11 20.50 17.0 25.0 146*249*177
FR500A-4T-011G/015PB 11/15 26.00 25.0 32.0
FR500A-4T-015G/018PB 15/18.5 35.0 32.0 37.0 198*300*185
FR500A-4T-018G/022PB 18.5/22 38.50 37.0 45.0
FR500A-4T-022G/030PB 22/30 46.50 45.0 60.0
FR150 Multi Functional Inverter

FR 150 series is a new generation main mode is inverter of FRECON. It have advanced control methods, achieving high torque, high reliability, and wide – speed drive. Built-in simple PLC, PID adjustment, programmable input and output terminals. Rs485 port, analog input and output and many other rich control functions. It provide highly integrated solutions for equipment matching, engineering transformation, automation control and special industrial application. The power range is 0.2-4kW
Main Power Voltage Model No. Motor Power (Kw) Power Capacity (kVA) Input Current (A) Output Current (A) Size of the Case Dimension (W*H*D) (mm)
220 VAC 1~ FR150-2S-0.4B 0.4 1.0 6.5 2.5 F1-1 75*150*117
FR150-2S-0.7B 0.75 1.5 9.3 4.2
FR150-2S-1.5B 1.5 3.0 15.7 7.5 F1-2 93*171*130
FR150-2S-2.2B 2.2 4.0 24 9.5
380VAC 3~ FR150-4T-0.7B 0.75 1.5 3.4 2.5 F1-1 75*150*117
FR150-4T-1.5B 1.5 3.0 5.0 4.2
FR150-4T-2.2B 2.2 4.0 5.8 5.5 F1-2 93*171*130
FR150-4T-4.0Bv 4 6.0 11 9.5
PV100/PV200 Solar Pumping Inverter

  • Power Range – 0.2- 132xW
  • Advanced MPPT
  • Efficiency 99%
  • Compatible with power DC and Ac input
  • DC- Solar Power
  • AC- On grid Power input or generator power
  • Potion for auto switching between DC AND AC Function
  • Operation without Battery
  • Environment Friendly Economic
  • Large water flow
  • Available – Single Phase 220V
  • Pump dry run protection
  • Tank water level control
Model No. Solar Array Power Recommended(kwp) Rated Power KW Rated power HP Rated input current (A) Rated Output Current (A)
1Phase, 110V, 50Hz
PV 100-15-0.7B 1.1 0.75 1 9.30 4.2
PV 100-15-2.2B 2.25 1.5 2 15.70 7.5
PV 100-15-2.2B 3.3 2.2 3 24.00 9.5
1Phase, 220V, 50Hz
PV 100-25-0.7B 1.1 0.75 1 9.30 4.2
PV 100-25-1.5B 2.25 1.5 2 14.70 7.5
PV 100-25-2.2B 3.3 2.25 3 24.00 9.5
3Phase, 380V, 50Hz
PV 200-4T-4.0B 6 4.0 5 11 9.5
PV 200-4T-5.5B 8.3 5.5 7.5 15 13
PV 200-4T-7.5B 11 7.5 10 21 17

VTech Electrocon – VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)

A variable frequency drive is a kind of motor controller that controls and Safeguards the fastness of AC induction motors. By using outputting adjustable frequency, the term VFD can able to manage the speed of the motor during the start and stop the cycle. The electric motor can be handled by VFD that are varying in voltage and frequency supplied to the electric motor.

It has been designed with greater operational capabilities and functionality than compared with conventional motor drives. Due to the installation of software and interfacing options, the users can able to handle the motors at required levels.

VFDs Services Of VTech Electrocon

We VTech Electrocon is a top-notch energy management company play a paramount role in society with a good reputation. We can ready to offer numerous amounts of expert engineering services, drive repair capabilities, variable frequency drives and custom VFD panel manufacturing. The primary intention of our company is to provide trustworthy products like the client’s expectations. Besides this, we employed a technical expert in designing the right VFD easier for our customers.

Why Should You Choose Our Products?

Our company has been engaged with a wide range of industrial products especially, the high quality of variable frequency drive India. Generally, the customers have a lot of oscillation about the company reputation and quality of the products.

That’s why our company has decided to provide a wide array of VFD resources that includes entire information about the working principle of VFD to buying guidance along with video tutorials. The features and functionalities included in our variable frequency drive pump products can able to achieve the customers’ attention and satisfy their needs.

Benefits Of Using VFDs

  • Minimizes the stress of the components in motor
  • Ability to prevent inrush current
  • Protect your motors from various issues such as electro thermal overloads, under-voltage, overvoltage, phase protection, etc.
  • Good energy savers
  • Provides optimal motor speed

Why Should You Use A VFD

The variable frequency drive has designed using the latest technology with high-quality materials used to handle the three-phase industrial ac drives. With the help of this device, the customers can able to run their motors with less electricity. Also, the variable AC drives allow the clients to adjust the speed of the motor-driven apparatus.

Are you searching for the first-rate energy management company? Just make a single phone call to our VTech Electrocon at Thane and avail your required products and services.