• Housing Societies
  • Petrol pumps
  • Individual Bunglows
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Farm house/Resorts
  1. Electricity bill reduction
  2. Avail Government Subsidy
  3. No Pollution
  4. Very low maintenance
  5. Payback time less than 3 years

ON Grid System

It is used with the net metering system. In the day time, if you are not using the energy generated through solar, you can credit it to your grid provider and can be debited from your total electricity consumption afterwards.

  • Very much useful where frequent power cuts not observed.
  • Promoted by the government through sanctioning subsidies to residential users.
  • Low payback- as less than 3 years
  • Productive usage of idle roof-tops of housing societies, private residences, hospitals, etc.

OFF Grid System

It is used with battery backup. Mostly preferred in areas. where frequent power cuts are observed.

  • Useful for the applications where continuous electricity is required like hospitals, petrol pumps, banks, offices, etc.
  • Introduction of Lithium-ion batteries ensures the long life of batteries.
  • Beneficial in remote areas where electricity grid connections are not available or frequent power cuts observed.

Hybrid System

In this type of solar system features of on grid as well as off-grid systems are combined.

  • Net metering, as well as a battery backup is used.
  • Useful for loads less than 10kw.

VTech Electrocon – The Top-Notch Solar Panel Company In Thane

Solar rooftops are rooftop photovoltaic power station engaged with electricity-generating solar panels placed on the top of roofs of an institutional, residential, or commercial building. The light energy comes out from the sun can be captured by the solar panels and then convert it into electrical energy.

The energy produced the rooftop solar system in India is clean and eco-friendly, which does not emit any type of harmful gases or pollution. In these days, most of the homes and commercial buildings are covered with rooftops in both rural and urban areas.

Rooftop Solar Panels Of VTech Electrocon

We VTech Electrocon solar rooftop solutions in India are most popular for providing different kinds of rooftop solar panels to the community. Our company employed skilled and energetic employees to understand the requirements of the clients and offer the ideal service in accordance with it. We are taking steps to expand our team to provide reliable products at a reasonable price.

How You Acquire Service From Us:

VTech Electrocon is a team filled with energy professionals for satisfying the needs of the customers efficiently. We mainly focused on the solar segment for solving the problems faced at present. With the help of our team manufacturers, we will offer high-quality products at very competitive prices.

The technicians are also supplied by our company to provide frequent services and maintenance of the solar rooftops. Besides, the job opportunities are available in the sections of our company such as designing, project development, manufacturing, and business development.

Types Of Installation We Provided:

There are different kinds of installation methods are effectively provided by us such as on-grid system, off-grid system, and hybrid system.

  • On-Grid System – The on-grid system can be useful for residential users, utilized with the net metering system. The rooftop solar panels in India have been commonly found in hospitals, housing societies, private residencies, etc. We supply most of the solar panels for house by using the on-grid installation techniques.
  • Off-Grid System – This system is operated with battery backup. It has been highly used in the place where the continuous power supply is needed such as offices, hospitals, banks, petrol pumps, etc.
  • Hybrid System – The features included in the hybrid system is a combination of both on-grid and off-grid systems.

Do you wish to avail the customer-friendly rooftop solar system in India? Make a phone call to our VTech Electrocon Company at Thane and collect the required details about solar panel price in India.